I’m just saying, “go get this book!”

Aside from the gorgeous cover, Matthew Salesses‘ I’m Not Saying, I’m Just Saying is a work of art in itself. Though new to the flash fiction genre, I have come to love the art of expressing emotion, conveying a story, and letting (forcing, actually) the reader to fill in the detail. I have yet to meetContinue reading “I’m just saying, “go get this book!””

A story about finding out…

Writer, and fellow adoptee, Matthew Salesses is writing an online novel called This Is Not About #Adoption. It’s “A book about finding out…”. I’ve been keeping up with it, and admire his brutal honesty while writing about emotions being an adoptee, spending time in Korea, and his family dynamics. Much of it really resonates with me,Continue reading “A story about finding out…”