My thoughts exactly

“What’s disheartening about the political process in America is that, after an election, there’s far too few voices who mean it when they say, “Let’s compromise and do what’s best for America,’’ and far too many who say, “OK, what do we have to do to win in 2016?’’”

— Peter King, MMQB 11/12/2012

Three points, Ann.

First, go to and educate yourself.

Second, what point do we have to get to in order for people to start treating others with respect? Everyone wants freedom and basic human rights, correct? Respect should be included. You treat others with respect and you will be respected. Respect their freedoms, and yours will be respected as well. I don’t care about which “side” your political opinions fall on, EVERYONE deserves to be respected.

Third, the first person in any debate/argument/expression of opinions to resort to personal insults is always the loser.