Love it or hate it, there’s no in-between

Usually, 90 minutes to the office and 120 minutes on the way home. Average. On the worst day, it took us just over 3 hours to get home. That was incredibly aggravating. They’re not kidding when they rank I-405 the worst freeway traffic in the country.

Thankfully, that commute is no longer a necessity. Now, it takes 12 minutes to get to the office, 15-20 to get home (depending on the traffic lights). Average.

This move, for that aspect alone, has been completely worth it. I’m experiencing less stress. We’re eating better (with more time to cook and prepare meals). We’re more active; more social with coworkers and friends. More peaceful in our lives and marriage.

But, there’s still Long Beach. There’s still the part of me that longs to be, well… elsewhere. Asking those who live here, you get two responses. Either they really love Long Beach, or they hate it. I’ve yet to get an answer like, “Well, it’s okay”.

My verdict is still TBD. We’ve walked through downtown, which is great. We’ve driven through some neighborhoods, both good and bad, that keep us wondering about our decision.

I think I just need more time to discover and get used to this city.


Welcome to Long Beach?

On Monday we made the move from Moorpark to Long Beach. Overall, the move was successful, only losing a couple lamps (to breakage) during the process. It’s okay, I didn’t really care for those lamps.

The next day, the drive to the office took just 10 minutes door to door. That’s down to our average of 1.75 hours on a normal Tuesday morning. Yes, the move was worth it.

I got home, after a long day at work, on Wednesday to discover our two bicycles missing from the bike rack, located in the locked underground garage. It looks like thieves used a crowbar to break in one of the pedestrian gates, to the garage, and made off with a few other bikes as well.

Two days in and this was our welcome. It did shake us a little bit but, it could happen anywhere. Speaking to the police officer, while filing the report, I learned that while we’re not in the best of neighborhoods, we’re definitely not in the worst. Just comes with the territory. It’s definitely not the clean suburb of Moorpark.

It’ll take some getting used to but we’ve been there before. while dating, Michelle’s apartment in Venice was in a mediocre neighborhood but it didn’t bother us. I think we just got so spoiled living away from the city.