Day 88 – AeroGarden

This is likely my last AeroGarden post for the tomatoes. The plants are no longer growing in height nor width, and are really focused on just producing so, rather than continuing to post pictures like this one, I’m going to end the photos here. Y0u can see the next “harvest” coming in. I’ll most likely pick them tomorrow, which I’m considering either turning into a salsa or just enjoying in a Greek salad.

I’m overall happy with the AeroGarden “experience”. I originally bought this to use as an herb garden (our kitchen doesn’t get much natural light) but, something told me to experiment with the tomatoes instead. I’m happy I did that.

Day 65 – AeroGarden

I love the bounty that is coming in, some of it show in the above photo. You can see all of the fruit coming in on the canopy of the plants. There are more coming in beneath that top layer. It’s exciting to see them develop, and even more so when I anticipate how many tomatoes we’ll be able to eat!

Day 58 – AeroGarden

Every morning we play a game to see how many new tomatoes we can spot growing. All six tomato plants have tomatoes on them. And they just keep appearing everywhere!

I had to raise the light hood again. You can see that the plants on the right are growing straight up. The middle and left side are still branching out horizontally and need the most pruning.

It’s really fun to watch this all happen.

Day 53 – AeroGarden

All six of them are pretty healthy. They’re taking in water much faster as I’m now having to add it to the tank every 2-3 days.

Even better is not only the number of blossoms that keep appearing but, we have 4 tomatoes beginning to form. You can see some in the upper left (back) corner. Another one under a leaf almost dead center.