Travel Day, ICN – LAX

Incheon Airport This morning, I woke up very torn. Not wanting to leave Korea yet really missing my wife, friends, family, and (yes) even my cat, I packed up all of my things and waited for my taxi to arrive. The remainder of our group was shuttled to the airport in two waves. I wasContinue reading “Travel Day, ICN – LAX”

On saying goodbye to Korea…

I know that I’m not going to be able to sum everything up in one post but, I’m still going to try. Settle in because this is going to get lengthy… First and foremost, I am extremely grateful to Reuben for inviting me to be a part of his GMS Committee for the 2013 SOContinue reading “On saying goodbye to Korea…”

Korea, Day 15

Korean drum performance at Hanok Village Getting back to the hotel late (after the jjimjilbang) came back to haunt me as I forgot to charge my camera battery for today. I know, right? What kind of photographer doesn’t have a charged camera battery ready to go at all times? Today was one of my favorite days ofContinue reading “Korea, Day 15”

Korea, Day 14

bridge at Namsan Park Today we say goodbye to one of our group. Tim headed back home (to New Zealand) in the early afternoon so we spent the morning wandering 14 floors of the Shinsegae Department Store, including the underground shopping in the subway stations below it. One could get lost window shopping all of the different goodsContinue reading “Korea, Day 14”

A quick Q & A

I’m a little behind on blog posts and uploading pictures (time flies when you’re having fun). I thought that I would use this time to answer some common questions I’ve received through email. Are you the tallest Korean?Far from it. From what I have seen, I am definitely above average. But I have passed a few who were inContinue reading “A quick Q & A”

Some random thoughts on Seoul

Tipping is not the standard but the food servers here are extremely attentive, hospitable, friendly, etc. They’re so good that it irritates me that US servers are so bad and expect tips for doing the bare minimum. An added bonus is that most restaurants have call buttons at each table so you can “summon” aContinue reading “Some random thoughts on Seoul”

Korea, Day 11 – Seoul

espresso in Gangnam, Seoul And now the real fun begins! Not saying that the 2013 SO World Winter Games weren’t fun. It was just a different kind of fun. Our day started with one last shuttle ride to YongPyong Resort, so that we could catch a bus back to Incheon (about 3 hrs). We couldn’tContinue reading “Korea, Day 11 – Seoul”

Korea, Day 10 (last day of competition)

me with a Korean drum We made it! We finished the last day of competition as strong as we could (being geeks stuck in rooms at computers). Actually, by today many of the venues had finished so some were able to float around to watch some competition. I spent the first half of the dayContinue reading “Korea, Day 10 (last day of competition)”

On why I wish everyone could experience a SO World Games

There’s the athlete, who having never left their hometown, is given a passport and an airplane ticket to spend two weeks in a different country. There’s the coach who spent countless hours mentoring his athletes both on and off the playing field. There are families, most of whom have very little financial freedom for travel,Continue reading “On why I wish everyone could experience a SO World Games”