A B&W Photowalk

Cosumnes River Preserve

I talked before about visualizing images, sometimes unintentionally, in black and white. Wednesday’s photowalk was one of those times.

Though, I didn’t turn on the (Fujifilm Acros) film siumulation. Rather, I photographed in RAW format because I wasn’t sure that I wanted black and white photos.

There were spots of color around, including a great big, blue, open sky. Shades of green could be found not only in the trees, as leaves were coming in, but throughout the grasses along the trails. I love these colors.

I kept seeing these scenes in both color and black and white. And I had a difficult time deciding which was better. Until I realized: neither is better.

Cosumnes River Preserve

It was nice to be out, enjoying a very quiet and very calming walk through nature.

Seeing in B&W

I spent yesterday morning on a solo photowalk. I opted for the Cosumnes River Preserve because I wanted to check out how the landscape has changed since the last time (season) I visited.

It felt good to be out, and even better to be taking my time with the camera. I couldn’t help but spend most of the time visualizing in black and white, which surprised me because I didn’t plan to shoot black and white. Thankfully, I opted to photograph in raw format to process later.

Panko crusted onion rings

I was so self-conscious while taking this picture. It caught me off guard; I never used to hesitate when it comes to taking pictures of food. I took a break from doing so for a while and am starting to work back into it, taking a slightly more intentional approach to food photography.

I remember being very aware of my actions with this photo, taking an actual camera out of the bag and positioning it very close to the food, while in a crowded restaurant. I’m sure no one saw or even cared but, the anxiety was there.