This week’s gratitude

This week I’m grateful

  • for celebrating small wins (in this case, beginning UAT on a web app that we’re developing from scratch).
  • for Acapulco, a light-hearted comedy with characters I love.
  • for rice and beans which, either together or separate, will always be comfort food for me.
  • that even though I experienced some pain and discomfort this week, my body is in overall good health (it could always be worse).
  • for choices, and being able to (overall) see them much easier now than I did when I was younger.

This week’s gratitude

This week I’m grateful:

  • for finding a voice of reason when other voices became too chaotic.
  • that there is a really good cafe just a 2 minute walk from the office.
  • that while I really do prefer working from home, I am able to capitalize on the advantages of the working in an office a few days a week due to my hybrid schedule.
  • for having so many choices and platforms and ways to share things with other people, and to be able to benefit from what others share.
  • that while I hate the phrase the joy of missing out (JOMO), getting to a place where I increasingly don’t care about missing out on things is improving my quality of life.
  • for sleep.

New routines take time

A picture of a long-legged winged insect on the outside of a window screen, as seen from inside of my office window.
When working from home, I get the rare non-verbal in-person face time.

Last week, I sent an an hoc newsletter out because I had some initial thoughts about returning to the office, and I wanted to share them. Not necessarily on my blog, and definitely not on social media (I find myself wanting to share less and less there, lately). So, the newsletter seemed to be the best option.

I’m thankful that I am working a hybrid schedule. There are definite perks and advantages of being back in the office, amongst my workers. I admit, for the most part, I’m enjoying it.

What I underestimated was the time I need to adjust back to the “wake up, go to the office, work, go home, spend evening tired, repeat” routine.

These past few weeks, on days I’ve had to go to the office, I’m finding myself far more tired than I have been in the past few years. So tired that there’s little energy for anything else, really.

Part of it is being an introvert, and having to be “on” during my in-office time, then needing time to recover (refuel) after that.

Which reminds me of this tweet equating a couch to “an introvert’s wireless charging pad”. It’s 100% true.

Cooking dinner is an even steeper, uphill battle those evenings. Just motivating myself to do so is a huge WIN. Same goes for mustering any energy to read, write, photograph, or anything else.

I chalk it up to needing time to find and get used to a new routine that works for me. And we know new routines take time.

This week’s gratitude

This week, I’m grateful:

  • for the comfort and coziness conveyed by the taste and the all-day smells of a slow-cooker meal
  • for the flexibility to leave the office midday to work from home for the afternoon, as all of my meetings were done and most of my coworker were out of office for an event.
  • for restaurant and retail workers (and all workers, really) who are doing the best they can amongst the labor and supply shortages.
  • for writers who write, and who bravely and generously share their work.
  • for printed photographs.

This week’s gratitude

This week I’m grateful

  • For the first full week of returning to the office, having the opportunity to meet more coworkers in person, and getting settled into a new workspace.
  • For the company buying lunch for everyone all week!
  • For the quiet at home, after work.
  • For the feeling of relief when changing from “work” clothes to “home” clothes.
  • For a (much needed) rainy week.
  • That I live in a world, and live a life where I have many, many choices.
  • For our cat who, while loves us, reminds us that the love is sometimes conditional.