[Edited 6/5/2020: image removed]. Explanation here.

Through this week, I am trying to be more aware of my own explicit and implicit biases.

I am forcing myself to acknowledge how I benefit from and how I unintentionally encourage the broken parts of the system.

I am learning which actions are meaningful and which are not.

I am listening to others with differing perspectives and opinions.

I am learning to be more intentional with those actions.

I am learning how I can take actions and continue my education long term.


This is just the (breakfast sandwich) beginning

A hurried photo because I was rushing to eat this while it was still hot off the griddle

I want to try the breakfast sandwiches from Camellia Coffee but, until then, I suppose experimenting with making my own will have to do. Earlier this week we had two brioche-style buns (leftover from weekend burgers) and inspiration hit me…

While cooking two chicken-apple sausage patties, I generously buttered and toasted the buns on the same griddle. So nice and indulgent. I then took extra care to make a velvety (as much as I could), fluffy omelette (with dill, milk, and salt) to fold and place on top. 

My wife has mentioned this sandwich to me, and to others, multiple times this week. 

It was wonderful

I’m considering this sandwich as the base, a foundation to build upon. I have many more ideas for varieties that I plan to make very soon.

AeroGarden herbs – Day 33

The rosemary is still taking its time, which is fine. There’s no rush.

I have been harvesting the dill (for scrambled eggs) regularly. So good. And the cilantro has come in handy for some tamales and burrito bowls. It’s really nice to be able to just pick what you want (and not have to buy a bunch from the store).

I meant to take a snippet of the Thai basil and add it to my takeout curry the other day, but forgot all about it. Next time.

AeroGarden herbs – Day 26

I had to raise the light deck a couple times during the week. The dill and chives (as you can see) are skyrocketing upwards. The cilantro is filling out nicely. I may have to use some this week. Same with the Thai basil.

You can see on the left that I started some green onion shoots and an avocado seed. Mostly out of fun though, I would love that avocado to take off enough where I can move it into the backyard.

AeroGarden herbs – Day 20

AeroGarden Day 20, taken April 12, 2020

Not a bad start overall. The rosemary is coming in quite slowly but, it’s definitely making progress. I moved it from the back to front, switching places with the dill, to allow the dill more room to grow.

The whole left side is shaping up nicely, with the cilantro starting to fill out a lot more. Like I keep saying, it’s just neat to watch this progress day to day.

Heaven grant there may be an end soon

Tis hard to see the mighty prancing war horse, trampling the dying and dead beneath their merciless feet. No dear wife, near to speak a word of comfort. No living sister or Mother to administer relief in that hour the most sad in the history of humanity. O the humanity. O the horrors of war. Truly it may be considered the most cruel and awful scourge which can befall a nation. Heaven grant there may be an end soon.

Samuel D. Lougheed letter to his wife Jane “Jennie” Lougheed, October 7, 1862

I found myself reading through samples of Civil War era letters, this week, and couldn’t help but see that much of what they wrote could be applied to what is happening today. And I’m not talking about those who are quarantining at home rather, our first responders and medical workers on the front lines. They’re dealing with fear, death, being separated from their families and friends, and much more.

We’re the curve

Part of the Trail at Cosumnes River Preserve, which is now closed until further notice. Taken March 11. 2020.

Ahead of the curve. Flatten the curve. Crest of the curve…

We’re all in this together. We’re seeing, perhaps not truly understanding but, we’re seeing it. Actions of others affect us. Our actions affect others. Selfish acts can cause harm. Unselfish acts can save lives.

We’re the curve.