Error F96

Sometimes, on Friday nights before a long weekend, when you are settling in together to watch new episodes of some of your favorite shows, the occasion calls for freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. And sometimes, with 5-minutes left before the cookies are finished, your oven angrily beeps and flashes F96 at you. It’s those times […]

Why typewriters?

It’s like writing at school: In English class you’d write in your book and you can’t erase what you’ve written. It’s easy in Microsoft Word to be so pedantic and look at a blank screen. With typewriters, there’s more permanent to what you put on paper. Sometimes that leads to more creative outcomes because you […]

All you can do is keep making the work you want to see in the world. Austin Kleon Austin Kleon knows just what to post at exactly the same time I am contemplating something that correlates.

From Anne Helen Peterson’s “The Final Frontier of the Text Inbox“: West Elm will be emailing you once a day about the last day of its Summer Clearance until you die. Even after you die, maybe even after West Elm dies, the emails will still hit your inbox, like boats against the current, borne back […]

Caring about your content

If you truly care about your content, quality and the way others experience it, why would you post it on a platform that covers it, destroys it, with advertisements? Every time I watch something on Youtube, one of the biggest culprits, I find myself asking, “is this the way this channel’s ‘creators’ really want us […]