On Micro.blog

I started a micro blog on Micro.blog. I like the community, the embrace of Indieweb, and the tools available (and the openness for feature suggestions and improvements).

My micro blog is here. You can follow it if you’re a member of Micro.blog or by RSS feed. Below is the RSS feed for the 10 most recent posts. As you can see, I rarely use titles for my posts there.

  • Finished Reading: A Paradise Built In Hell, by Rebecca Solnit. 📚 Somewhere between the ominous sounding title and the heartwarming stories of people helping others, you find yourself truly asking “what kind of person am I in the face of disaster?”
  • Watched: The Bad Batch, s1. 📺 There were a lot of clichés and common tropes (team of misfits helps child with “something special” about them, especially prevalent after The Mandalorian). But overall not a bad watch.
  • Thankful for a low-key Halloween, with time to stop and evaluate the things that have been taking up space in my mind. Picked up a bag of candy just in case we get visitors (later). Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃
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  • The first three episodes of Invasion (2021) are extremely slo-paced which, by itself isn’t bad. But the way some of the characters treat others is hard to watch. Looking at you school bully. Also you, shitty husband/dad. 📺
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  • I’m not keen on electric typewriters but, this poem by Charles Bukowski speaks to me. 📝
  • Acapulco (2021) is a light-hearted watch. I like all of the characters, and I love that we’re getting to see stories through Mexican voices (storytellers). 📺
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