On Micro.blog

I started a micro blog on Micro.blog. I like the community, the embrace of Indieweb, and the tools available (and the openness for feature suggestions and improvements).

My micro blog is here. You can follow it if you’re a member of Micro.blog or by RSS feed. Below is the RSS feed for the 10 most recent posts. As you can see, I rarely use titles for my posts there.

  • The Coathangers’ “F the NRA” is the appropriate mood setter for today. 🎵
  • Ignorance on horseback wearing cowboy hats to whip and round up those who have already suffered, strived, and survived. We chose to be another obstacle In lieu of a helping hand We add imagery to a library of the past that we cannot escape.
  • Only 4 days into this 7 day free trial of the NYT Crosswords app, and I’m hooked. I love the rhythm of solving a puzzle every day. But is my “miser” self ready to shell out $40/year for this? 🤔
  • Lucy Dacus’ story behind “Thumbs”, told in this Song Exploder episode, is worth a listen. The feeling and meaning and intent behind expressing yourself through art is absolutely important. 🎵
  • Today’s mood setter, “Waiting in Vain” by Bob Marley and the Wailers. 🎵
  • I don't tolerate your delay because I choose not to I want the answer faster than you can provide one. And though understood and though I do want a well-thought meaningful, and truthful reply It's that delay on which I dwell. It's that delay that holds my focus It's that delay It is that delay.
  • Tool’s “Sober” is the mood setter for today. 🎵
  • I did not charge overnight forgetting to plug in the devices. This morning, they are drained as am I waking up feeling more tired than before turning in last night. I envy those devices now plugged in and receiving direct energy As that luxury eludes me as I turn on another device and another and […]
  • Sept. 21 🕺🏾🎵
  • I need to be “on” for a few meetings today. Fellow introverts know that’ll take some prep. Today’s mood setter might help: Angélique Kidjo’s cover of “Once In a Lifetime”. 🎵