Spending more time with my everyday carry

I’m falling into a more comfortable level of use with the X-T30. Especially after this past weekend, spent wandering around the wharf, downtown, and boardwalk areas of Santa Cruz. I took these photo-walk opportunities as a chance to experiment with assigning different functions to different buttons until changing them felt natural and intuitive. There isContinue reading “Spending more time with my everyday carry”

Apple Hill, Placerville, CA

People in this area are obsessive about visiting Apple Hill during Fall. Ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but, it’s definitely “the thing” to do. Apple Hill is a series of 50 local farms, near Placerville* where people can visit to pick apples, eat a variety of apple pastries and donuts, wander through arts and craftsContinue reading “Apple Hill, Placerville, CA”