This is just the (breakfast sandwich) beginning

I want to try the breakfast sandwiches from Camellia Coffee but, until then, I suppose experimenting with making my own will have to do. Earlier this week we had two brioche-style buns (leftover from weekend burgers) and inspiration hit me… While cooking two chicken-apple sausage patties, I generously buttered and toasted the buns on the same griddle. SoContinue reading “This is just the (breakfast sandwich) beginning”

I’ll take your discarded-too-soon cameras

I’ll preface this by saying that I have no issue with people who upgrade their equipment on a regular basis. Nor do I have any judgement on how frequently people may choose to do so. Every person has different needs, choices, circumstances, and reasons; it’s important that we respect that and them. I tinker withContinue reading “I’ll take your discarded-too-soon cameras”