BreatheI cannot see, it is only blackBreathe, eyes closed.I cannot see, it is only blackBreathe. Open your eyesCan you see now?O cannot see, only blackness.Wait, now I see bright lightand everything is blurry.BreatheBack to just seeing black.I cannot see, breathe.Breathe.

The Light

Pushing through the dark cloudsThe sun rays announce, they’re here.With them, comes not warmthbut light, the light we needtoday. The light neededFor so many things to moveGrow, continue.I shall continue.I shall grow.I shall move.

At breakfast

White plate, 2-egg omeletLeftover potatoes from dinnerHalf of an avocado.Morning conversationBrief yet pleasant, hopefulSometimes just informational.The morning light shields usfrom the alerts and notificationsthat await, that lurkon devices in other rooms. 

A good recovery

A good recovery shouldmake us less vulnerable tofuture risks.It’s not a “step”.nor an item on a list.It is time. It is a process.Filled with empathy and careFilled with space, emptyand at times, silent.Allowing for anger, grief,denial, deflection, bitterness,depression.Giving way to acceptance, embrace,new knowledge, ingenuity, planning,hope.healing.


He curses the lightbulbsusing a sharp tongueFrustrated that each one dancesthrough life and unlife.In the office, one out.Replaced.In the kitchen, another.Replaced.Front porch, three go out.Replaced.Frustrated, he pulls too hardand sharp shards shatter.Replaced.


You ask, please look at meand I stare into darknessIgnoring your asklooking awayAs if I could see anythingsomething, I’m not surewhat to look forOr whether I ever did see,anything in this darknor anything in the light.


Internal energy storedkinetic, almost hyperLonging for contactLonging to be used to its potential.Released by your touchReleased by your presence.Contact allows flowat first, bottlenecked by excitementthen steady and constantKinetic, almost hyperWaiting for that touch.


Reciprocation isn’t mandatorybut it is nice.Reciprocation isn’t a requirementbut it is appreciated.Reciprocation isn’t automaticbut the effort is recognizedand will be thought aboutcontinually, warmly.Reciprocation can be silentand can speak volumes.Reciprocation isn’t normalwhich makes it valued.

start in one corner

I start in one corner of the gardenslowly moving the water spray back and forthwhile the other corners awaitAwait their chance for inputAwait their chance for nourishmentI move to another cornerwhile the other corners waitAnd that first corner has time toingest and process.

I did not charge overnight

I did not charge overnightforgetting to plug in the devices.This morning, they are drainedas am Iwaking up feeling more tired than beforeturning in last night.I envy those devicesnow plugged in andreceiving direct energyAs that luxury eludes meas I turn on another deviceand anotherand anotherSo that I may smile and nod beforemy colleagueson screenBattery drained.