All you can do is keep making the work you want to see in the world. Austin Kleon Austin Kleon knows just what to post at exactly the same time I am contemplating something that correlates.

From Anne Helen Peterson’s “The Final Frontier of the Text Inbox“: West Elm will be emailing you once a day about the last day of its Summer Clearance until you die. Even after you die, maybe even after West Elm dies, the emails will still hit your inbox, like boats against the current, borne back […]

Kam Redlawsk is someone I only recently became aware of. Her voice, not only as a Korean Adoptee but as a person with a disability, and her advocacy for inclusion in outdoor spaces, is something I very, very much admire. This is an excellent video worth your time.

I discovered very very early in life, that life was filled with questions. And it was the questions that were important, never the answers. The answers always change; the questions grow. ~ Betty Reid Soskin, as heard on the This Is Love podcast. 🎙

Watched episodes 1 and 2 of Korean Cold Noodle Rhapsody (2021) 📺 Beautifully shot, as most modern food shows are. I didn’t like the pacing of the show; it moved a little too quickly from story to story. But it left me hungry, both for naengmyeon and for Korea itself.

It bothers me that writers can’t create audiences on their own websites, with their own archives, and their own formats. And they certainly can’t get paid in the process. (Although yes, there are exceptions). ~ Robin Rendle, on newsletters and websites. I love this argument for many reasons (not to mention the visual layout). A […]

We grow mostly genetically modified corn on nearly a quarter of our farmland to feed cruelly confined animals not meant to live on it, so that there is a seemingly endless supply of meat in the supermarket, inefficiency be damned. That isn’t abundance; it’s a lie. ~ Alicia Kennedy, “On Abundance”

Watched The Green Knight (2021) 🎥 One of the most visually beautiful movies I’ve seen, which helped by giving me something to appreciate when the story slowed. It’s a slow-burn which isn’t necessarily bad. I went in expecting an action-adventure, which isn’t what I saw.

Watched The Chair (2021) season 1. 📺 A good overall mix of drama and comedy. Love Sandra Oh’s performance, and many others’ (Holland Taylor was execllent) as well. I didn’t really like the ending of the season*; I hate seeing selfish entitlement carry on. *I should have added a “spoiler alert” here but “selfish entitlement […]

Watched: The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017) 🎥 I didn’t realize that this was a sequel until last night, when my wife asked me if I had seen The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017) as I was queuing up the former to watch. I don’t pay a lot of attention to movies and movie releases so it’s no suprise […]

Finished reading: Days of Distraction: A Novel by Alexandra Chang 📚 I liked that the aurthor used many different layers to say many different things, talking about everything from relationships (with partners, family, friends, coworkers) to race, and much more. An interesting read.