Week 8, Project 365

This week most of my views were of computer screens or outside of my home office window, watching my days tick away while I was watching computer screens. This was the week of a big virtual convention for us and, I provided some support through the week both for rehearsals and for the convention itself. […]

Week 5, Project 365

Here’s another week’s worth of photos. You might already be able to tell that there was no theme (again) this week. I struggled around mid-week, not only almost forgetting to take a photo on each day but, also starting to consider quitting the project. I’m not a “take a picture every day” kind of photographer. […]

Week 4, Project 365

This week had no theme (random) but I’m happy with how easy it was for me to remember to take a picture each day. Really, the point in doing this project is to get me back into the habit of seeing things “photographically” while encouraging myself to be 1) more experimental and, 2) more comfortable […]

Week 2, Project 365

This week’s theme was “breakfast”. It’s interesting to consider how mundane and repetitive this meal is. When I first considered this theme, I was worried that I was going to end up with 7 photos of oatmeal. But, I’m not one for monotony in food; I have a hard time with leftovers not because I […]

the critic

I updated my settings to take Jpeg+Raw, where the Jpeg will be done in Fujifilm’s Acros film simulation. This gives me the best of both worlds, where I get a nice B&W with no post processing needed and a Raw file for if I do want to revisit the editing later.

Week 1, Project 365

Here are my photos from the first week. To help keep me going through the entire project, I’ll be using themes to help tie photos together. The first week doesn’t have a theme, though. It’s random just to help me get started. I’m also uploading all of the photos into this Flickr album. Each photo […]


I ordered the pastrami, along with a lot of other goodies, from the Congregation Beth Shalom Food Faire. I miss not being able to go to different events like this so, this is the next best thing; order and eat at home. It made a GREAT sandwich. Looking forward to some matza ball soup and […]

smoke tinted rose

No, not a white balance issue… that orange tint is from the smoke that has filled the sky. Often, the smoke from surrounding wildfires makes it’s way into the Sacramento Valley and just… sits. You can see some ash on the petals as well.