Day 1: touch

Looking for a way to “jumpstart” myself back into taking pictures regularly, I decided (last minute, as in just this morning) to participate in Micro.Blog’s October photo challenge.

She has her routine

This morning, it seemed that she was an hour ahead of our normal routine. As my wife and I were finishing breakfast, we noticed that our cat wasn’t in her normal place (watching us eat). After some investigation we realized that she had already made her way back upstairs for her ahead-of-schedule mid-morning nap.

Big game Sunday

We hadn’t been here before. But we worked hard, prepared ourselves (and our dough), kept our focus… Learned and worked as a team. Formed a game plan and executed it. And all of those other clichéd sports hype sentences that you may have heard leading into and throughout today. The game plan? This King Arthur […]

Herbs starts have been planted

This weekend gave us a very nice break from the wind and the rain that hovered over us throughout the week. I had a few herb starts that I was able to get into our raised beds. A couple weeks ago, I planted some green onion roots (cuts from bunches that I bought at the […]

Project 365, el fin.

I knew it… I just don’t like the project. I don’t like photographing that way. Of course I know that I can spend some more time on it, be a little more creative, perhaps even “mold” the project into something that works for me. For example, weekly themes seemed to help a little. But it […]

New Year’s Brunch

Not a good start to the year, missing the focus on the chili egg puff. Thankfully just the picture was messed up and not the actual dish, which was delicious (as always). The camera was set to aperture f/2.8 from me shooting something else (a few days ago). And I was in such a hurry […]

Week 9, Project 365

Some more randomness, from around the house, this past week. I not only need to find a way to get out more during the week days but, I also need to get back to establishing some themes for the coming weeks to give myself a challenge. These everyday photos are pretty mundane.