I made a lasagna

A close up picture of a piece of lasagna, showing three layers of the meat sauce and cheese.

I haven’t made a lasagna in a very long time and have been thinking about doing so for a few weeks now. I made this, yesterday, to serve to my parents (visiting for the first time in too long).

Unfortunately, the pieces I served didn’t hold their form nor looked like this (photo), which is why I decided to take some more “stylized” pictures of it today.

She has her routine

kiri mid morning nap
mid-morning positioning

This morning, it seemed that she was an hour ahead of our normal routine. As my wife and I were finishing breakfast, we noticed that our cat wasn’t in her normal place (watching us eat). After some investigation we realized that she had already made her way back upstairs for her ahead-of-schedule mid-morning nap.

The Hunter or Just Chillin’

A black and white photo of our cat, sitting in some tall grass watching every movement of the blades and or insects that I cannot see.
Watching the grass blades and all of the things moving around in there

Yesterday was such a beautiful day out, with the sun shining and it neither being too hot or too cold. I spent part of the morning cleaning the grill, which I ended up using for both lunch (hot dogs) and dinner (halibut and asparagus).

Big game Sunday

a color picture of a cooked pepperoni pan pizza, half of it with sliced olives, made from a King Arthur Baking Company recipe
the 1/2 with olives was mine

We hadn’t been here before. But we worked hard, prepared ourselves (and our dough), kept our focus… Learned and worked as a team. Formed a game plan and executed it. And all of those other clichéd sports hype sentences that you may have heard leading into and throughout today.

The game plan? This King Arthur Baking Company recipe.

And we won. We conquered our first homemade pan pizza. And it was glorious.