Caring about your content

If you truly care about your content, quality and the way others experience it, why would you post it on a platform that covers it, destroys it, with advertisements? Every time I watch something on Youtube, one of the biggest culprits, I find myself asking, “is this the way this channel’s ‘creators’ really want us […]

Watched Quigley Down Under (1990) 🎥 Scrolling through Netflix and my wife mentioned that she had never seen this movie before. Considering her love for 90s-era westerns (long live The Young Riders!) I knew she would appreciate this one. And she did. I think it’s common knowledge these days but, no one plays a bad […]

This week’s gratitude

This week, I’m grateful: for discovering new blogs, photographers, and writers. for the kindness a coworker showed me, still understanding that I am “new” and still onboarding me into the culture. for being able to immediately address a few site issues that came up at the beginning of the week (at work). and for ending […]

As we may link

A stands for anchor. The smallest HTML tag is the most powerful. Using the href attribute, the author of one web document can create a hypertext reference that will point to another resource. The author just needs to know the name of that resource (its URL) and can form a connection without asking for anyone’s […]

Making some online changes

For the past few weeks I have been thinking about the words, photos, and everything else that I post online. And while there are many parts of “being online” that I enjoy, there are others that I now realize that I used to enjoy. And rather than simply stop participating in the things that I […]