Watched Quigley Down Under (1990) 🎥 Scrolling through Netflix and my wife mentioned that she had never seen this movie before. Considering her love for 90s-era westerns (long live The Young Riders!) I knew she would appreciate this one. And she did. I think it’s common knowledge these days but, no one plays a bad […]

This week’s gratitude

This week, I’m grateful: for discovering new blogs, photographers, and writers. for the kindness a coworker showed me, still understanding that I am “new” and still onboarding me into the culture. for being able to immediately address a few site issues that came up at the beginning of the week (at work). and for ending […]

Kam Redlawsk is someone I only recently became aware of. Her voice, not only as a Korean Adoptee but as a person with a disability, and her advocacy for inclusion in outdoor spaces, is something I very, very much admire. This is an excellent video worth your time.

I discovered very very early in life, that life was filled with questions. And it was the questions that were important, never the answers. The answers always change; the questions grow. ~ Betty Reid Soskin, as heard on the This Is Love podcast. 🎙

Watched episodes 1 and 2 of Korean Cold Noodle Rhapsody (2021) 📺 Beautifully shot, as most modern food shows are. I didn’t like the pacing of the show; it moved a little too quickly from story to story. But it left me hungry, both for naengmyeon and for Korea itself.

It bothers me that writers can’t create audiences on their own websites, with their own archives, and their own formats. And they certainly can’t get paid in the process. (Although yes, there are exceptions). ~ Robin Rendle, on newsletters and websites. I love this argument for many reasons (not to mention the visual layout). A […]