This week’s gratitude

This week I’m grateful: For taking breaks from one aspect (writing) to make room for other aspects (returning to the office and adjusting my routine to do so). That I was approved for a hybrid-schedule, allowing me work at home days (which also allows this introvert to rest and recover for the next in-office sprint). […]

A good recovery

A good recovery shouldmake us less vulnerable tofuture risks.It’s not a “step”.nor an item on a list.It is time. It is a process.Filled with empathy and careFilled with space, emptyand at times, silent.Allowing for anger, grief,denial, deflection, bitterness,depression.Giving way to acceptance, embrace,new knowledge, ingenuity, planning,hope.healing.


He curses the lightbulbsusing a sharp tongueFrustrated that each one dancesthrough life and unlife.In the office, one out.Replaced.In the kitchen, another.Replaced.Front porch, three go out.Replaced.Frustrated, he pulls too hardand sharp shards shatter.Replaced.

This week’s gratitude

This week I’m grateful for supportive coworkers. for skilled tradespeople who helped me determine that our oven issues were not only parts that needed to be replaced, but a larger electrical issue with the outlet. for a “working again” oven in time for the weekend, to make bacon for breakfast (via oven, my favorite way […]


Reciprocation isn’t mandatorybut it is nice.Reciprocation isn’t a requirementbut it is appreciated.Reciprocation isn’t automaticbut the effort is recognizedand will be thought aboutcontinually, warmly.Reciprocation can be silentand can speak volumes.Reciprocation isn’t normalwhich makes it valued.

A day later then planned, I sent my newsletter. I hesitated sending it because I didn’t feel that my thoughts around the Blue Bayou controversy were fully formed. They still aren’t. But I’m glad that I waited because a friend’s tweets helped to put some things into perspective.

This week’s gratitude

This week I’m grateful: for hot coffee in the mornings and cold brew (over ice) in the early afternoons. for stores and companies that make it easy to return purchases. for a workweek with minimal meetings. for the quiet that comes with decreasing the time spent on social media sites. for an oven that’s working […]

I just don’t think my ancestors suffered so I could spend ten hours a day shifting pixels around to raise ad revenue for a corporation complicit in genocide. So I could forget their names, miss their funerals, never hold jesa. -Jefferson Lee, via This is a great piece of fiction by Jefferson Lee.

As a Child, You Worried You Would Be an Orphan, written by Charlotte Pence, is so poignant. Especially now, when there are so many people (including my wife and I) working with and adjusting to their aging parents.

This week’s gratitude

This week I’m grateful: for pizza, delivery, and pizza delivery. for work calls that start off with a “quick question” but then evolve to just hanging out and chatting for a little while, if only to keep each other company. for the silence at the end of a cd, after playing it all the way […]

This week’s gratitude

This week I’m grateful: for the little bit of rain that we had the other day. Though it was very light, it made me happy and hopeful for more. for the friendliness of the oven-repair person. Though he didn’t have the right parts to replace for our oven (and has to come back next week), […]

Error F96

Sometimes, on Friday nights before a long weekend, when you are settling in together to watch new episodes of some of your favorite shows, the occasion calls for freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. And sometimes, with 5-minutes left before the cookies are finished, your oven angrily beeps and flashes F96 at you. It’s those times […]

Why typewriters?

It’s like writing at school: In English class you’d write in your book and you can’t erase what you’ve written. It’s easy in Microsoft Word to be so pedantic and look at a blank screen. With typewriters, there’s more permanent to what you put on paper. Sometimes that leads to more creative outcomes because you […]