10 things that scare me, GoT edition

I love the 10 Things That Scare Me podcast. It’s a good look into the thinking and vulnerabilities of others that helps me put better framework around my own. I even wrote my own list back in January. I have also been thinking about Game of Thrones since the season 8 premiere because, like so many, I really want to know how it ends.

So, when I saw @emdot‘s tweet…

… I thought, why not a list of 10 things that scare me, related to GoT?

  1. Speaking of Ghost, that a dire wolf dies and then is resurrected into the Night King’s army.
  2. That the series is going to end without us even getting to experience the Lady Stoneheart character.
  3. Sam or Gilly will suffer in some undeserved, completely unnecessary way.
  4. That Cersei doesn’t die by the hands of her brother (per the prophecy), and it’s Tyrion.
  5. That The Hound and Arya don’t end up in some buddy comedy feature film or series spinoff, following their adventures after the battle with the Night King.
  6. The Mountain is resurrected into the Night King’s Army.
  7. Littlefinger returns somehow. Hate that character.
  8. That we don’t get more Brienne and Tormund scenes.
  9. Greyworm and Missandei don’t survive and end up living happily ever after, together.
  10. That the series ends similar to how The Sopranos did, with a fade to black.

8 days in

8 days in
8 days in

I’m pleasantly surprised at how quickly the heirloom tomatoes sprouted. Here they are on day 8, and they’re almost starting to push against the domes.

My original plan was to turn the AeroGarden into an herb garden, and keep it in our kitchen for easy access. I also have some Shishito pepper seeds that I contemplated starting too. I even purchased a “Grow Anything” kit so that I can pick and choose my own herbs.

The model I purchased came with the heirloom tomato seeds and I thought, “it would be nice to have some tomatoes at the ready”. I deliberated for a few days, herbs vs tomatoes, and settled on the tomatoes for now.

I’m actually kind of tempted to buy another AeroGarden so that I can grow both. I’m sure AeroGarden is happy to hear that.

restaurant diversity in suburbia

Combo plate

A new Ono Hawaiian BBQ location opened up in the same plaza where I do most of our grocery shopping. This is good (yay, a new place and I love Hawaiian BBQ!) and bad (oh wow, I have to be careful not to eat at this place every day). We stopped to try it in lieu of grocery shopping because it was an easy cop out from having to cook that evening.

There’s no shortage of restaurants in our area. Like most cities, the density in number of restaurants increases the closer you get to downtown. I love it, as there are so many places to try (and so little time). An added bonus is that in our current economy, with technology assisting, we can have any of these restaurants delivered right to our door.

A lot of people complain about the lack of diversity in the suburbs. It’s true to some extent, and probably more true in some subdivisions over others. One of the reasons we chose the one we did is because there is quite a bit of diversity here. Like anything, you just need to start paying more attention or perhaps even seek out specific cuisines. They’re out there, hidden in strip malls and other unexpected places (like gas stations).

It’s also important to frequent those places, once found. This not only helps keep the restaurant in business but also sends a signal that diverse restaurants are welcome, and encourages more to open.

Even though Ono Hawaiian is a chain, it’s one of very few Hawaiian BBQ places in our neighborhood. It’s good enough (for me) until we get another, better restaurant to replace it.

On tax day

Like many (the majority of US Citizens, I hope) I filed my taxes by today’s deadline. I’m usually on top of things and file in mid-February to late March. This time around, I filed last week, still before deadline but much later than usual.

Like many, I was really nervous about finding out that I would owe more this year because of the recent tax changes. And, like many, upon completing I was angry, disappointed, and a little sad that we did, in fact, owe much more than usual.

This was even accounting for the increased donations we made in 2018, including donating a car. We had some write offs from our cross country move, and our selling the old house and buying the new. Yet we still owed.

So I asked some accountant colleagues who could only console me with “it’s not anything you did wrong; it really is the changes to the tax laws that did you in”.

This just reinforces my view (personal opinion) that this is just another, small symptom of how broken our system really is. I understand and willingly pay taxes. I believe in them and appreciate the things that tax money grants us. I can afford to pay them, even when I find I owe more at the time of filing.

But, imagine I wasn’t this fortunate? Imagine those who scrape daily to make ends meet, only to find that they still owe much more than they anticipated on tax day. And imagine them being told “it’s not anything you did wrong; it really is the changes to the tax laws that did you in“.

Five things for the week

Garden Highway
  1. Towards the end of the week, I let some things drop on my personal (home) and school fronts. Wednesday and Thursday were tied up with some long conference calls that lasted from 5:30 AM to 3:00 PM, so my energy was spent on that. This week, as a result, I have some catching up to do.
  2. Change is in the air… I think it always is but we only really notice it when we want to.
  3. My wife is continuing to school me in skin and self-care. I must admit, I do like our face mask routines. The charcoal and purifying ones feel really good.
  4. Related to #2: I have the means but, I lack the “way”.
  5. This coming week, we set a goal to just prep/eat vegetarian dinners. I’m excited to see if/how we fare with this. It should be easy but will we cave to wanting some sort of meat?