white roses, with a little pink in the middle, against a backdrop of the green leaves from the rest of the rose bush.

Taken right before the rain started.

a bright photo of white roses against the background of a bright hazy sky. The perspective is from underneath the roses.

I’m trying to work myself back into the habit of photographing regularly, not caring whether I used a camera or a smartphone. The important thing is that a picture is taken.

tinned spoked salmon and chili oil from Fishwife. There is a small bit on a Triscuit cracker.

This collab between Fishwife and FlyByJing was really really good. Might have to order some more…

our cat, sitting on the edge of the grass, looking directly at the camera.

She rarely sits still for the camera but, while sitting on the patio to unwind after work, we sat enjoying the noises of birds and bugs and slight breezes, and she sat still long enough.

a Sacramento Sunset, taken January 2, 2022

Here’s to making it more of a point to stop and enjoy these throughout the year.


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