Micro Posts

📺 Watched: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, s1 e1-2 There’s definite promise. I like the overall cast and I do like the episodic format for this show. (I don’t mind the serialized format for the other Star Trek series).

📺 Watched: Star Trek: Picard, s2 Enjoyed this season more than the first. There were some great moments throughout; some for character growth, some nice “reunions”, and a really touching finale about friendships. Now, bring on s3 (aka the TNG reunion)!

📺 Watched: Severance (2022), s1 Overall pretty good. I really like the cast and the social commentary side eyes thrown at our current working cultures. Maybe I’m old-fashioned but, I didn’t like that so much was still left open for s2, rather than providing some answers.

📺 Watched: Take Out with Lisa Ling (2022), s1  So many Asian American stories to tell, so little time. I loved each episode for the people they highlighted, the guests that appeared, and the stories told. Looking forward to another season soon.

📺 Watched: Pachinko (2022), s1 The character and story changes, and jumping around the timeline, threw me off. To be expected with a book adaptation of course. I loved this series but not as much as I loved the book.

🎥 Watched: Snake Eyes (2021)  I liked the cast, the look (cinematography) and a few other things. But story was a half-assed version of every cliché from every “origin story”. Disappointing and boring.

📚 Finished reading: Already Enough by Lisa Olivera The author hones in on the concept of “enough” as it applies to ourself, our actual being. She illustrates, quite well, how the stories we tell about ourselves directly affect our feeling of whether we are, indeed, enough.


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