Checking in in lieu of a Sunday Musing… or is this actually a Sunday Musing?

Pesky crow has been in my face, lately.
Well, I let it distract me.
Well, that’s not all true.

Planning to get back on the write/blog track soon. I have a couple posts working through my drafts folder. Not that anyone is actually waiting on the edge of their seat to read it. I mean, seriously.

The last four days (off work) were much needed reprieves from the craziness of the week prior. My body was ready to go but my mind? My mind needed to hide from the world for a while.

I’ll try to nudge it out of its cave tomorrow morning.

what happens after you press the shutter

This morning, I read photographer Joe McNally’s thoughts on the 40th anniversary of the “Napalm Girl” photograph, taken by Nick Ut.

“That photo made on that horrible day was made in less than a second. Yet a lifetime spun on its power. With so many photographs being taken everywhere, easily, and thoughtlessly, it’s easy to forget how powerful they can be, and occasionally are. I have always felt that for everyone, looking at a photo that means something to them induces an interior, seismic shift. It may be imperceptible, and not understood immediately, but your compass has been altered, ever so slightly, and you will never be the same again.”

 You just never know what will happen after you press that shutter button…

a Sunday musing, 6/3

I keep telling myself to simplify. Even though I understand what it means to simplify, I don’t think I know quite how to apply the philosophy to my everyday life. I do know that it is a philosophy that I do want to apply. It’s something that I believe that I need if I want to continue on the path I have begun to set for myself. 
If a natural disaster occurred at this very moment, how would I react? What objects, if any, would I grab with hopes of saving? What would I, without a doubt, reacquire in the recovery process long after the disaster occurred? 
I look around the room and I know. My understanding of what is important is changing before my eyes. The people that I hold important, the objects in my possession, aspects of my lifestyle that I would change, all coming into a much clearer picture. A more simple picture. 
No longer waiting for that “natural disaster” to occur. Now is the time to begin making those changes. Now is the time to simplify, truly. 

The things I didn’t tweet this week (5/20-5/26)

And it’s a good thing I didn’t. Though, it’s not to say that the things that were published to my Twitter stream were actually worth posting. I mean, come on.
Consider this the equivalent of the Friday evening newscast. Really, nothing of importance.
    • “I don’t know about you, but I could really go for some tacos right now!” ~Me, any time, any day.
    • I’m sorry, I don’t speak passive-aggressive-clear-your-throat. Something to say? Speak up!
  • Four-day weekend coming and I’ve decided to stay-cation. No long drives nor high gas bills. Just relaxing. #reprieve
Note: These tweets are actual saved drafts of tweets from throughout the week. I make a point to empty my drafts folder (for Twitter, Outlook, WordPress, etc, etc) at the end of each week). 

A series of action

Actions matter. But they’re not to be judged individually. They’re to be judged as a series.
Just as a series of positive actions can be undermined by a series of negative actions, the same can occur in reverse. A series of negative actions can be undone by a series of positive actions.
And the more global your perspective on your series of actions, the truer your interpretation of “good” and “bad”.