How I should “earn this”

Tom Hank’s character tells Private Ryan, in the movie Saving Private Ryan, to “earn this”. That scene is important, really driving home one of the main points of the story. Private Ryan, while reminiscing about that moment, expresses how much he tried to live his life in order to earn what that group of soldiersContinue reading “How I should “earn this””

Sunday musing on Flickr and korean tacos

No “deep” thoughts for today’s musing. I’m anxious for a for a few things coming this week. Nothing bad, just want things to start moving. Patience is, and always will be, something I continually strive towards.   I did grill this evening (no pictures because I simply wanted to enjoy my evening). I made Korean-inspired tacos. IContinue reading “Sunday musing on Flickr and korean tacos”

The things I didn’t tweet this week (4/29-5/5)

And it’s a good thing I didn’t. Though, it’s not to say that the things that were published to my Twitter stream were actually worth posting. I mean, come on. Consider this the equivalent of the Friday evening newscast. Really, nothing of importance. Coffee was so good, this morning, I wanted to swim in it instead ofContinue reading “The things I didn’t tweet this week (4/29-5/5)”

Over-complicating simplicity

I have a tendency to over-complicate things. It’s something that I’m constantly working to correct yet, due to my tendency to over-complicate things, sometimes my course towards correction is a bit, well… over-complicated. Where this really hurts me is in my photography. I keep switching directions only because I feel like I have to. I keep tryingContinue reading “Over-complicating simplicity”

Some mid-week randomness

It looks like I’ll have to postpone my #31Tacos project originally planned for May. Some recurring health issues can be blamed for forcing me to adjust some of my routines and overall diet for the next few months. It’s nothing serious, just a slight change in course in the interest of long-term health. Speaking of health,Continue reading “Some mid-week randomness”

The kind of stress that nurtures maturity

I’m stressed out. But, it’s the good kind of stress. It’s the kind of stress that I actually feel “empty” without; the contestant feeling of having things to do, a purpose, a challenge in front of me that comes with a self-imposed sense of urgency. Others can judge it “unhealthy” but, knowing what I knowContinue reading “The kind of stress that nurtures maturity”

The long road (air route) home

I’m home, and it feels good. Here’s the day of travel that got me back to Southern California: Shuttle to Athens Airport: My driver, provided by the games GOC, arrived 15 minutes early. Goodbyes were said to my team members, now new friends, and I loaded the car with my bags. My driver (I can’tContinue reading “The long road (air route) home”

Athens, days 11, 12 & 13: What day is it?

Somewhere along the line I stopped keeping track of the date and time The only reason I still wear my watch is to cover up the insane watch tan on my wrist. Also, there’s no way I could ever cheat on my wife by hiding my wedding ring, as I think you can see my ringContinue reading “Athens, days 11, 12 & 13: What day is it?”

Athens, Day 8: Ventured to another venue: Hellinikon

Today’s “General Protest” has public transportation closed throughout the city. The Metro (subway) did remain open for the sake of the Games, but they were extremely busy as they covered the lack of buses running through the streets. Thankfully, taxis were still running (and making major money in doing so). Even more thankfully, the SpecialContinue reading “Athens, Day 8: Ventured to another venue: Hellinikon”

Athens, Day 7: what is the Greek tradition for birthday?

I’m not sure, but mine was spent touring some of the sport venues at OAKA (site of athletics, aquatics, basketball, tennis, powerlifting and volleyball). It was another fun day where I had the opportunity to see our athletes in action. There’s something really cool about watching the 800M race (athletics), with each of the eight lanes filledContinue reading “Athens, Day 7: what is the Greek tradition for birthday?”