Things to look forward to, and things not

Today is “travel day”. While you’re reading this (if you’re keeping up with the blog every day), I’m flying from Los Angeles to Seoul. The flight is just over 12 hours (and thankfully, direct), and Seoul is 17 hours ahead of Los Angeles. So, when I land *does calculations* my body will have no clueContinue reading “Things to look forward to, and things not”

On journaling my experiences

Many have asked if I plan to write about my experiences and emotions being an adoptee returning to Corea. I’m not sure how much of that will make it to this blog but, I am planning to write daily in the Moleskine journal I’m taking with me.  There is a very good chance that I’llContinue reading “On journaling my experiences”

One suitcase, one backpack

A man struggles to remove snow on his car and on the street in PyeongChang, northeastern South Korea, on Jan. 22, 2013, after more than 30 centimeters of snowfall hit the region in more than 24 hours. (Yonhap)  Yes, the picture (above) was taken in PyeongChang, where I will be spending the majority of myContinue reading “One suitcase, one backpack”

What about your wife?

One of the advantages of working together is that my wife and I are able to share different experiences during the same Special Olympics events. Michelle oversees sports and competition for Special Olympics Southern California, and is traveling to Korea as part of Special Olympics Team USA, where she will oversee the Floor Hockey delegation (athletes andContinue reading “What about your wife?”

Layers and long-johns

“I know I’m going to catch Hell for this but, what kind of clothes will I need?” I asked three people that question. And those three people did, in fact, give me Hell. And, they will continue to throughout the trip. Raised in Southern California, and anti-snow, the heaviest jacket I own would probably beContinue reading “Layers and long-johns”

Why I am going to Korea

Recently, I was invited to the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games, in Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea, to provide additional support for the Games Management System (a software program that Special Olympics uses to run competition divisions, schedules and results). This is the same role that I served in 2011 during the Special Olympics WorldContinue reading “Why I am going to Korea”

Some things I learned from yesterday’s hike

Yesterday, I joined a Flickr Meetup that began at the Chantry Flats Trailhead, in the mountains above Pasadena/Sierra Madre. We followed the Gabrieleno Trail, for just over 2 miles, until we reached Sturtevant Falls. It was a fairly brisk, cloudy morning. Perfect for photography. The trail follows the Santa Anita Wash, which provided serene sounds ofContinue reading “Some things I learned from yesterday’s hike”

My thoughts exactly

“What’s disheartening about the political process in America is that, after an election, there’s far too few voices who mean it when they say, “Let’s compromise and do what’s best for America,’’ and far too many who say, “OK, what do we have to do to win in 2016?’’” — Peter King, MMQB 11/12/2012

Three points, Ann.

I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard. — Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) October 23, 2012 First, go to and educate yourself. Second, what point do we have to get to in order for people to start treating others with respect? Everyone wants freedom and basic human rights, correct?Continue reading “Three points, Ann.”

Better off today than four years ago?

This is the current “trending” political question. Here’s my answer: absolutely yes. Here’s why: I came to the realization that I control my life and my status. I, through hard, dedicated, smart work, set myself up for success. And while government does play a role in setting boundaries in an attempt to create a levelContinue reading “Better off today than four years ago?”

On Due Process…

“Innocent until proven guilty” is the single most important aspect of our justice system. It’s one of the reasons that we, as US citizens, enjoy the freedoms that we have. It’s protection of our rights, for guilty and innocent alike. We make assumptions all the time. Sometimes our assumptions are no-brainers, sometimes they’re murkier. But,Continue reading “On Due Process…”