Yesterday’s Frito pie is today’s chili dog

I was craving Frito pie so, I made Frito pie. Yesterday’s slow-cooker batch of chili turned out pretty good I used beer (Negra Modelo) instead of broth, and kicked up the chili powder mix with some “looser” measurements and spice blending. It ended up with a more layered, deeper flavor (if that makes any sense)Continue reading “Yesterday’s Frito pie is today’s chili dog”

raw is beautiful, and so are mistakes

Florence + the Machine: Tiny Desk Concert at NPR I appreciate the Tiny Desk concerts much like I appreciated MTV’s Unplugged sessions. Listening to artists and musicians, in their “raw” forms, gives me a much greater appreciation for the skill, work, and talent that they put into their craft. Raw is great; we don’t getContinue reading “raw is beautiful, and so are mistakes”

Five things for the week

We finally braved the California DMV* (without an appointment, nonetheless less) to get our California driver’s licenses and license plates. We are now “California official”, or at least, official again. It’s a weird thing to focus on but, I feel more at home knowing my license and car tags say “California” on them again. IContinue reading “Five things for the week”

Five things for the week

The biggest deterrent from moving is, well… moving. Especially between different states. There’s just so much to take care of. It’s a good reminder of how broken government *cough*DMV*cough* entities are. Chile rellenos, tamales, and tacos. Those are my Mexican food vices. Now you know. I’m gathering as much as I can in preparation forContinue reading “Five things for the week”