three carriage returns

One lever that simultaneously moved the carriage back to the furthest left position and moves on to the next line. It’s almost the equivalent of winding up a toy right before you let it move in the way that it was meant to move. One of the biggest draws to my selecting the three typewritersContinue reading “three carriage returns”

Typing on my ’78 Clover 302

I love how light and portable this is. Not necessarily shown in the video, I can get some good rhythm and speed on this. I’m learning that these machines, more so than computer keyboards, really depend on the typist knowing proper typing technique to work at full speed.

Indulge those cravings

I am hooked on watching Kenji Lopez-Alt’s Youtube channel. He’s doing a series called “Kenji’s Home Cooking” where he uses a GoPro, worn on a head-mount to give an overhead perspective, as he cooks and narrates through the steps.  A few days ago he grilled bratwurst and sauerkraut, which inspired me to do the same. It’sContinue reading “Indulge those cravings”

My Clover 302, made in Korea

I picked up another typewriter. With two typewriters, I suppose I can now call myself a “collector”? As I’m learning more about typewriters, I became curious on what a Korean typewriter looked like (with Hangul characters), and how they worked. This, as you can imagine, led me down a few rabbit holes. I found thisContinue reading “My Clover 302, made in Korea”

Cooking video, first attempt

Had some leftover meatballs and marinara sauce, a sandwich roll, a GoPro, and a lot of time on my hands. Lunch! If I continue with videos like this, I need to 1) work on camera angles (and having different kinds) and, 2) really work on my editing skills. UPDATE: I re-edited and uploaded the video.Continue reading “Cooking video, first attempt”