This week’s Gratitude

This week I’m grateful

  • for the space to take breaks when I (really, really) needed them.
  • for crunchy tacos.
  • for internet memes that make me actually laugh out loud.
  • for photography books, fiction, self-help, and graphic novels.
  • that this week will end, and I can start fresh next week.

Julian Summerhayes: Handwriting is Still Important

One thing that still fascinates me is the variety of handwritten scripts. When I get a card or letter from someone, as well as the message, I always try to piece together how they’ve formed the letters and understand which letters have been dropped from the old style to something more modern.

Julian Summerhayes

I do the same and thought I was a rarity (oddball) for doing so. I loved Julian’s post as it encapsulates a lot of the same things that I have been thinking about lately.

Watched: The House (2022) πŸŽ₯

I’m always in awe when I watch something created with stop-motion photography and animation, and this is no exception. It’s beautifully done, well-lit and photographed, and I like the distinct different styles in the three stories. The stories themselves are macabre and dreamlike which add to the wonder of the movie as a whole.

This week’s gratitude

This week I’m grateful

  • that though my wife (and subsequently, I) had a close call with a COVID exposure, she tested negative.
  • that there’s a locally-owned bagel shop nearby with decent enough bagels to hit up when I get the craving.
  • for lunch hours spent on the patio soaking up some sun and fresh air.
  • for rss, rss readers, and people who post regularly on their websites/blogs so that I don’t have to chase them down on social media to keep up with them.

Finished Reading: The Pocket Photographer, by Mike Kus. πŸ“š

I’m always drawn towards using a dedicated camera over my smartphone’s camera(s). I don’t “knock” or judge cameraphone photography rather, there are times when I consider dedicating more time to becoming better at it. I trend towards using my dedicated cameras both out of habit and because I like the “physicality” of using them.

Multiple people have recommended Mike Kus’ book and so I purchased a hardcover and fully enjoyed it. Mike has some great lessons, which may seem “basic” to experienced photographers but I feel serve as excellent reminders (always good to recenter on basics every now and then).

And I really liked looking through the photographs he included; a much better experience than scrolling through a social media feed.

This week’s gratitude

This week I’m grateful

  • for being able to work from home as cases and hospitalizations are increasing.
  • that switching my e-reader for one with a bigger screen made an immediate positive impact.
  • for the peace that came when I stepped away from another social media site.
  • for generous return policies.

New Years Pasta e fagioli

a picture of a shallow bowl of pasta e fagioli soup, made with Swiss chard, black eyed peas, bacon, and orecchiette.
homemade pasta e fagioli

Someone, somehow, and somewhere in time decided that eating greens, beans, and/or pork (and any mixture of the three) on New Years Day would bring good luck. And while I don’t have any idea how many people in the world adhere to this, but we’re included.

Here’s today’s pasta e fagioli, made with Swiss chard, black eyed peas, bacon, and orecchiette.

NYE burger

a picture of a homemade hamburger resting on iceberg lettuce, and in a kaiser roll as a bun. To the left is a small pile of oven-roasted potato wedges.
The lettuce is cradling it, as it should.

Of course my last picture upload for the year has to be food. Our New Years Eve is chill, opting for a quick and easy dinner of burgers with grilled onions (and steak sauce on mine). The potato wedges came out more done than intended but still nice and fluffy on the inside.

I don’t have any end-of-year insights, reflections, nor wisdom to share. It’s been… a year. I do hope that you and yours are relatively safe, healthy, and happy. Happy New Year!