Hello, I’m Patrick. 

  • Born in Korea
  • Currently living in Sacramento, California. 
  • Korean adoptee and proud Korean American.
  • Also an amateur photographer, writer, and part-time student.

My current work is in Information Technology. My current work is in Information Technology. I enjoy teaching others about technology and exploring different ways to implement it to help them achieve their goals.

  • Currently focused on project management and business analysis. 
  • With experience and passion for implementation and user training. 

I have many interests, and many projects (works in progress), which means that I hardly finish anything. I recently started using and collecting manual typewriters so, my apologies in advance for all of the typewriter content. 

I write a bi-weekly newsletter that tends to be more personal than anything posted on a blog, and very random.

SWTLO stands for Swimming With the Light On, my blog that has seen many different iterations over many years. 

Thank you for visiting!