Notes on yesterday’s Adoptee Literary Festival

This was the first annual Adoptee Literary Festival, which I enjoyed immensely. I’m hoping to see this event continue on, perhaps even taking place in person sometime soon.

Here are some random thoughts I recorded right after the last session:

  • So many great overall sessions where I learned a lot from the panelists, not only about their personal stories but, the stories that they uncovered during their writing research, interaction with fans, families, and other adoptees.
  • I wasn’t planning on watching every session but ended up doing so because everything seemed so fascinating and poignant. Thankfully there were 45-60 minute breaks between most of the sessions so I was able to get a few things done in between each one.
  • It was really nice, almost comforting, to learn that so many started writing poetry (many having been published) before getting their novels (YA, children’s literature, Fiction, Non-fiction, memoirs, etc.) published. Comforting because I’m currently focused on my poetry before diving into anything bigger.
  • I especially liked Jan Beatty’s talk about how her poetry writing helped inform her memoir writing.
  • One of my favorite things is that I found so many new writers to follow and whose works to read.
  • I bought/ordered so many books throughout the course of the day, and my TBR list has almost doubled. It was really neat to hear most of the panelists share their author recommendations, specifically the ones who influenced them.
  • Also cool is that adoptee-owned Loyalty Bookstore was not only a supporter but made a special page/list of all of the panelists’ books for sale. They’re in DC and Maryland, which I wish I had known about when I lived there.
  • Though admission was free, I enjoyed the event so much that I had no qualms about sending the organizers a donation (via Venmo).

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