Weekend things

Weekend things (March 13 2022)

  • It’s amazing how long I have been buying shoes in the wrong size. On Saturday we went to a running store where I got my feet laser measured and my walk (gait?) analyzed. The difference properly fitting shoes makes.
  • The running store was the start of a really nice day out, spent mostly in nearby Davis. We explored a small nursery and got lunch (patio dining) before taking out time heading back home.
  • The “command center” is back. I rearranged the home office to have all of the computers and monitors on the same desk. Giving this a try again because I noticed that I’m moving back and forth between computers more often.
  • Felt good to work in the yard a little bit. Hands in the soil, sun warming up the day to feel like actual Spring, and enjoying a glass of iced tea on the patio afterwards.
  • I missed seeing most of micro.camp’s sessions in real time and have some catching up to do (with the recordings). It’s a really good community and I find myself continually drawn to it, even though I haven’t found a way to feel “part” of it.
  • I enjoyed taking a week off of blogging (last week), though I kept writing daily in my (offline) journal. Breaks are good things.

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