Meal prep is really mise en place

Meal prep is really mise en place

I’m trying to find different ways to put together quick, easy, and healthier (i.e. includes more vegetables) meals at home, in the interest of making weeknight dinners something that feels “automatic” and doesn’t sap the remaining minuscule of brain power we have in the evenings.

I explored meal prepping but the biggest obstacle there is that I really, REALLY don’t like repeating meals. I thrive on having variety available to me at all times, especially with food. Which could very well be part of the issue overall.

This ramen bowl came together in a little over 10-minutes. I took some shortcuts to make it, including using the toaster oven to quickly roast vegetables, the electric kettle to give the water a head start and boiling much faster, and having hard boiled eggs already done the day before.

The biggest key to all of this is having the right ingredients (ahem-vegetables-ahem) on hand and ready to go. All in all it turned out pretty good.

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