Wednesday things

  • Developers and I worked on an issue, still to be resolved. Most of the day was spent finding ways to replicate the issue (to identify the conditions for it), what is was affecting (ripples on a pond), and more. It’s a tricky (i.e. frustrating) one!
  • Before the issue was reported, the day looked to be pretty slow with only one meeting on the schedule. So I used that in part to motivate me to finally go get a haircut. But once I arrived, I learned that my barber was on vacation for two weeks! Good luck to me for getting my motivation back 2-weeks from now. Also, next time I’ll call first.
  • “I’m a walking Notification Center!” I exclaimed as I was coming inside from getting the mail. My work phone, in my pocket, was alerting me to an incoming email and an incoming Teams message while my Apple Watch (connected to my personal phone) was alerting me to a reminder and an incoming text message. I did not like feeling as connected (and accessible) as I did, in that moment.
  • I realized that I want to say “I used the insert name of dish recipe from insert name here‘s cookbook” more often than say “I used a recipe I found online”.
  • I added two more photography books to the list of books I want to buy.

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