Imagine a world with more empathy…

Imagine a world with more empathy, with longer pauses for thought before reactions…

Pat Sajak defended a Wheel of Fortune contestant on Twitter. It shows a lot of compassion, a lot of empathy, and says a lot about character and integrity.

I saw the original (viral) clip of the contestants’ attempts and I didn’t feel like they were “stupid” rather, I felt so bad for them. I felt bad because, as Mr. Sajak points out, the environment is different for them in the moment. Hot, bright lights from all directions. A live audience in front of you. Cameras from all directions, knowing you’re on TV… And thrown something unexpected.

There was a social media pile on. So much horrible commentary. So much cruelty.

I don’t want to be part of that. Not anymore. I want to be empathetic and compassionate. Every day, I want to be more empathetic and compassionate than I was the day before.

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