On photo sharing

Mike Rockwell’s post, “On Photo Sharing” appeared in my rss reader and it got me thinking (again) about my own photo sharing… strategy? Plan? Approach, methodology, habit?

Flickr was my first real foray into sharing photos online, though I did have a “home-brewed” self-hosted, html-only blog for a few years leading up to 2004 (when I joined Flickr) that I posted an occasional picture on. I’m still a Flickr Pro member, and it’s where the majority of my photos (shared online) are.

I hated Instagram when it first came out (before the Facebook ownership era). I didn’t like the square format (I’ve grown to appreciate it now), the filters, and how it felt more like content consumption, not sharing pictures. I grew to tolerate it as that’s where most of the people I want to keep up with are sharing most often. Though I don’t feel great during (or after) using the app.

As I’ve become more intentional in keeping my work (I use that term very generously) offline, I realize I appreciate it more. I feel good about it. And sometimes, it feels spectacular to not have anyone else see it.

I have two small photo printers, a Canon Selphy and a Fuji Instax Wide, that I would much rather use. On occasion I’ll put a print in the mail (yes, snail mail) to someone. Or I’ll tape it into a journal (offline). Eventually, I want to print photo books and zines.

For now, I have no strategy or consistent photo-sharing methodology. Online, I’ll post sporadically, usually spur of the moment with no real intent. I’ve considered deleting my Instagram account, posting to it more often, starting a dedicated photoblog, sharing more photos on this blog, joining/subscribing/sharing to VCSO/Glass/other, sharing more photos via Twitter, and so, so much more.

I think photo-sharing, online, is a mess. Not for any “universal” reason to describe here, but because I personally feel like it’s a mess.

Mike’s post is reassuring because he, like probably so many of us, are still trying to figure it all out. It’s good that he wrote and shared because I’m thinking about it all again.

To be continued…

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