Wordle, we hardly knew ye

Yesterday I saw the announcement that the NY Times purchased Wordle. My first reaction was “No! Why can’t we just let things exist without having to monetize it?!?!”

Because, if anyone knows anything about the way our world works, we know that the NYT will find a way to monetize it by using either a paywall/requiring a subscription and/or using advertisements.

A day later, I still hold the sentiment. I don’t, not for a minute, fault Josh Wardle, the creator of Wordle, for selling. Hell, if you create something and it becomes as popular as this game did, you deserve financial compensation.

I just really hate to see a good, simple, fun, thing that brought everyone joy for free, thing end.

Cynicism aside, I hope that the NYT Games and Puzzles team does this right. By that I mean, stabilizes and scales it, adds more words, and supports it for the long haul. And I’m fortunate if they do decide to roll it into the Crossword App subscription as that is something I’m already a subscriber of. I just hate that would be a barrier to so many.

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