Just have fun; why spoil others’ fun?

I read about a Twitter bot that replies to Wordle posts with the answer for the next day’s puzzle.

Multiple people are posting (on various social media) about how, when you view the source code of the Wordle site in your browser, you can see the solution to the puzzle.

What does it say about a person when that person proactively takes action to spoil someone else’s fun (i.e. programming a bot)?

What does it say about people who pull back the curtain for others, taking away any “magic” and sense of surprise, just because they can (i.e. showing others how to find the answer within the code)?

What does it say about a person who uses the “view source code” function to answer a puzzle, a game? What is their intent? I’m not sure cheating for an answer still counts as “fun”.

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