This week’s gratitude

This week I’m grateful:

  • for the little bit of rain that we had the other day. Though it was very light, it made me happy and hopeful for more.
  • for the friendliness of the oven-repair person. Though he didn’t have the right parts to replace for our oven (and has to come back next week), we had a good chat about our home, neighborhood, and the random things while he was visiting.
  • for a good bean and cheese burrito.
  • for fresh dill from my garden that I can add to my scrambled eggs any time I want.
  • that the developer estimate was approved on the same day I presented it. The past few months have been all business analysis, wire framing, creating a bit of a roadmap, and infrastructure and framework planning. Now, we have the green light to start coding and I’m very excited.
  • for a compliment that I received from one of our executives.
  • for my wife, for which there are too many reasons to list here.

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