Why typewriters?

It’s like writing at school: In English class you’d write in your book and you can’t erase what you’ve written. It’s easy in Microsoft Word to be so pedantic and look at a blank screen. With typewriters, there’s more permanent to what you put on paper. Sometimes that leads to more creative outcomes because you can’t delete what you’ve put on the page. The whole process of making the art in itself, you have to think.

~ James Cook, via Messy Nessy Chic

That’s why. That was the biggest draw to me and it’s true, I’m better when I can see “the process” through the mistakes and dead ends and smudges and misaligned letters, and more.

There’s also a growing appreciation, for me, for creating on something that’s tactile and mechanical, and manual.

h/t to Om‘s blog, where I learned about the quote and article.

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