As we may link

A stands for anchor. The smallest HTML tag is the most powerful. Using the href attribute, the author of one web document can create a hypertext reference that will point to another resource. The author just needs to know the name of that resource (its URL) and can form a connection without asking for anyone’s permission. The humble href opens up an Einstein-Rosen bridge, a wormhole between two previously separate places on the web.

This is beautiful, stopping and thinking about how simple it is to connect to each other over HTTP. We can connect ideas, information, entertainment… people.

We should recognize that when we design and publish information on the humblest homepage or the grandest web app, we are creating connections within a much larger machine of knowledge, a potential Turing machine greater than any memex or calculus racionator.

Truth, spoken quite clearly and beautifully by Jeremy Keith, in “As We may Link”.

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