Making some online changes

For the past few weeks I have been thinking about the words, photos, and everything else that I post online. And while there are many parts of “being online” that I enjoy, there are others that I now realize that I used to enjoy.

And rather than simply stop participating in the things that I now used to enjoy, I continued out of habit, not really paying attention to how those habits were affecting my lifestyle, my personality, my outlook.

I’m not going to go into all of those “used to enjoy” things. I think you could guess what they are but, the way we use the internet is a personal thing, and serves different interests and needs. Like it is supposed to.

For me, it all came down to realizing one thing: I need to be in control of what I do, own what I post, online. And thus, some changes:


  • When I post online, I now think this site ( first. It’s my hub, the single place where anyone can find me, learn about me, and keep up with what I am doing.
  • The long-term goal is for someone to visit to see anything and everything that I am posting online, so they don’t have to follow and join whatever platforms to do so. In other words, no one should miss out if they visit
  • Reduce the number of platforms and places (and accounts) I maintain. There’s really no reason for anyone to have a presence on so many platforms.
  • Content originates offline. Rather than draft posts directly on platforms and/or proprietary apps, I now write1 and (properly) store text and photos offline. It’s my content, I own it. On my drives, in my files. Not on any company’s platform.


  • Though, mostly out of habit, I’ll still like/love/favorite/double-tap/star/whatever things, I’ll put more effort towards actually commenting and continuing dialog on others’ posts. Put the “social” back in all of this interaction.
  • Just say “no” to cross-posting. I don’t like when I see the same posts across platforms (from the same person), and thus I don’t want to be that person. If I use a platform, I use it with intent specific to it.
  • Post more often, be more open. But (and, this sounds contradictory but it’s not) spend less time online.

A lot of this will be iterative. Make the change, evaluate, then make adjustments as needed. This is what I need now, and here’s to moving forward.

  1. I love IA Writer! I now write and store plain text files, usually using markdown, and can store and publish where I choose. ↩︎

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