The notorious BLT

A picture of the cross section of a BLT sandwich, made using homegrown tomatoes and Kewpie mayo, as well as applewood speed bacon and iceberg lettuce on sourdough bread.
Made with homegrown tomatoes and Kewpie mayo

I have been thinking about this sandwich for a while now. Basically ever since I planted my tomatoes earlier this year I knew one of the first ways that I wanted to use them was in a sandwich like this.

After reading Kenji Lopez-Alt’s “BLT Manifesto”, I kept thinking about the tomato being the focal point, not the bacon (of which I had treated as the focal point all these years). And I knew that I wanted to eat a BLT with this in mind, and with tomatoes that I had grown on my own, to see if it rang true.

A homegrown tomato (versus a supermarket tomato) makes a big difference, but I think most people know this already. Focal point or not, this was an excellent, excellent sandwich.

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