A (small) note on photography gear

Ritchie Roesch recently posted “My ‘Ultimate’ Fujifilm Travel Kit”, where he describes a similar kit to what I’m working my way towards. I have the Fujifilm X100V and the X-E3, which will hold me steady for a while. I’ve been eyeing the X-E4 but there’s not a huge incentive for me to make a change.

I have, and love, the original three primes (18mm f/2, 35mm f/1.4, and 60mm f/2.4), released with the X-Pro 1 (in 2011). I also have the 27mm f/2.8, the 35mm f/2, and the 16-80mm f/4. So for lenses, there’s nothing else out there that calls to me… maybe the recently announced 70-300mm f/4? But I’m not sure I would use that all that often.

I also have the X-T1 sitting on the shelf that I’ll use when I want that “different look” using its (older) sensor. But…. BUT, all this is to say that I have what I need, and happy with what I have.

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