I waited too long to switch back to an RSS reader

I spent a few hours, this week, setting up NetNewsWire as my default RSS reader. Like many, I have a routine set of websites and blogs that I like to keep up with but, no real central place to do so.

As the title of this post implies, this is something that I have been considering for a while now but, until recently, never took the time to follow through.

I’m glad that I did! It’s cleaned up a lot of my “website reading/following” workflow, and gives me a single place to catch up when I need to. It’s allowing me to unsubscribe to email updates (for sites and blogs), Twitter (and other social media feeds), and more.

I chose NetNewsWire for a few reasons but, one was that (then) upcoming release of version 6.0 which utilizes iCloud to sync feeds (and read status) between devices. It was released today, and so far I’m not having any issues.

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