[1/23] Recently Read, Watched, and Listened

Recently Read

*insert some lame excuse for not reading here*

Recently Watched

Disenchantment – finished Parts 2 & 3. I keep coming back to this hoping it becomes more funny than it is because Futurama was one of my absolute favorite (animated) series. And being that most of the people behind this show were behind that show, I’m just… disappointed.

Big Mouth – currently at s3, e1. I heard good things about this and you know, it’s raunchy but, it has some great coming of age and funny scenes. Maya Rudolph, for me, can do no wrong. She has the best lines and voice acting. Worth watching just for her.

Parks and Recreation – started vegging out with a season 1 rewatch. 

Recently Listened

This month’s rotation included TEKE::TEKE, Led Zeppelin, Japanese Breakfast, and Yo-Yo Ma.

[Single] Rhye, “Black Rain” – really like the chill vibe of this one. 

[Podcast] Criminal, Episode 156: Sister Helen Fascinating, not only her life but her outlook. 

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