My Clover 302, made in Korea

I picked up another typewriter. With two typewriters, I suppose I can now call myself a “collector”?

As I’m learning more about typewriters, I became curious on what a Korean typewriter looked like (with Hangul characters), and how they worked. This, as you can imagine, led me down a few rabbit holes.

I found this Clover 302 online and promptly ordered it. Admittedly, I was driven by a sense of sentimentality. One, because it was made in Korea (like me). Two because it was made around the same time as, well.. me.

Manufactured by K-Mek, the Clover 302 closely resembles the Japanese-made Silver Seikos and Royal Mercurys. This one was manufactured in Korea c.1978. It’s in great shape and came in a nice leather case.

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