Launching a couple Tumblr sites

Learning that Automattic purchased Tumblr made me excited. I then I read this and got even more excited.

Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg thinks the future of Tumblr is bright. He wants the platform to bring back the best of old-school blogging, reinvented for mobile and connected to Tumblr’s still-vibrant community…

from The Verge interview with Matt Mullenweg

So I fired up (logged into) the ol’ Tumblr account (I’m surprised I still knew my password but reset it for good measure) and went to work creating two blogs that I had been imagining for a few months:

  • Photoblog – something more curated than my Flickr photo stream, and an outlet that focuses on photography rather than trying to “squeeze” it into this blog.


  • I also started a food pics blog. I take a lot of these and wanted a stream of just my food photos separate from my main blog. I also plan to start weening myself away from Instagram, where I currently post most of my food pics.

That, for me, frees this space, making it easier for me to focus on text-based posts and the more “everyday” updates. I’m excited to have these outlets, especially in addition to my weekly email newsletter.

Now, time to create.

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