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Korean food in Woodland, CA

After reading this writeup (Sacramento Bee), I added Kuji Asian Grill to our (long) list of places to try. We finally had a chance to visit on our way home from Davis, CA.

My first impression upon walking into the small, fast-casual style restaurant was, “I like that it’s small and you’re up close with the cooks but, I was hoping for more of a sit-down place.” It wasn’t a knock against the restaurant in any way, I was just more in the mood for a more traditional “server-hostess” style restaurant.

I like that there is a lot of diversity in the area with both food and people, especially in Woodland, CA. The food and people in Kuji were nice and friendly. The food was above average; enough where I would definitely go back. Some of their salads looked really good. I regretted not ordering the bibimbap as soon as I saw someone near us receive theirs. It looked awesome.

All the more reason to return.

All aboard! Nature!

My Grandparents used to live in Oakhurst, CA, right outside of the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park. I was fortunate because this enabled me to visit the park, and surrounding places like Bass Lake, many times. The Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad is a memory straight from my childhood, as we stopped by top see this train many times.

This past Saturday was the first time I had a chance to actually ride on it. I’m not exactly sure why we never rode it as kids. I think it’s because whenever we stopped to see it, it was either on our way to or from visiting Yosemite itself. It was never really a destination.

The train takes a 4 mile round trip loop through the surrounding forest. It’s based on an old logging train, so much of the narration from the tour guide is focused on the logging history in the area. We opted for the first ride in the morning, 9:30 AM, and were joined by a tour bus full of Koreans on their way to the park.

While I started off taking pictures of everything I could, mostly to start getting used to the new camera, I ended up putting the camera away about halfway through the ride. The combination of the fresh mountain air, the scenery (the trees!), and just being “in the moment” with my wife and friends was far better than experiencing everything through a viewfinder.

It just felt good to be there. To take everything in. To relax. All in all, it was a fun way to spend the Saturday.

Five things for the week

Living wall

Self-Care Sundays

I’m increasingly creating a routine that ends up with Sunday’s focus on my own rest, healing, health, and overall mental state in preparation for the coming week. This comes in the form of things like

  • Personal grooming
  • Spending the mornings reading and writing
  • Eating without guilt, yet still healthy and in moderation
  • Playing on the Nintendo Switch

And, really, anything else that I want to do. The goal being that it’s a day that belongs to me, and shouldn’t be governed by stress or work/school to do lists, or any other obligations that I do not whole-heartedly endorse.

To achieve this, I have had to make routine adjustments leading into Sundays in order to keep them clear. A lot of these adjustments can be chalked up to simply reducing the amount of procrastinating that I do.


We spent yesterday in the Sierras. The fresh mountain air, the perfect morning temperature, the relaxing open-air train ride through the trees… it was all so perfect. Midway through I put my camera back into the bag and just sat and enjoyed it all.


I’m not an Angels fan but, the passing of Tyler Skaggs is a story that I have followed this week. This picture of his mother on the pitcher’s mound, and tweet thread really hit me.


I’m going to start taking it more seriously. This, of course, can mean a lot of things. But, the only thing I want to say here is that, well… I’m going to start taking it more seriously.


I purchased this camera sling bag and tried it out this weekend. It’s perfect for the new camera. I love that it’s small enough to be comfortable (it’s very light) yet, still can hold what I need it to hold. Makes me happy. And appreciative.

Recently Read, Watched, and Listened


How to Break Up With Your Phone, by Catherine Price I liked this read. The first part of the book gives you the facts and the “why”. The second part of the book talks through the “how” using a 30-day plan. While I haven’t (yet) participated in this plan, I can see how it would be effective. Before I begin it, I need to take some time to really identify how I want my phone use to be. Basically, set a goal around it so that I have a direction to work towards other than “I want to use my phone less”.

Reading with Patrick, by Michelle Kuo After watching her TED Talk, I immediately checked out Michelle Kuo’s book from the library. At large, it’s good reinforcement on how taking time to help and support one another goes a long way. It’s at times eye-opening and grounding at the same time. We can do better by treating each other better.

How to Embrace Professional Decline This is an intriguing perspective, and something that I have been giving a lot of thought to. While I’m not unhappy with my work right now, I do feel a sense of “stagnation”. I don’t feel challenged in the same ways that I used to. I don’t feel as fulfilled. I keep chalking this up to a temporary “lull” where things will pick up again soon.

Sikh drivers are transforming U.S. trucking. Take a ride along the Punjabi American highway I like reading/learning more about the workforce that I normally don’t think about. Everyone from farm workers to truck drivers to maintenance workers. If not to just remind me of how things get done, and to be more appreciative of how.

Road-Tripping With the Amazon Nomads This lifestyle sounds crazy, risky, and (like the subjects say) lonely. And while I understand that it could be lucrative with the right people, personality, and drive, it also disheartens me a little bit when I consider the consumerism that drives this.

How Cooking Websites Are Failing People With Disabilities This is an excellent post, and acknowledgment, by Serious Eats. It’s an issue not just limited to recipe sites, either. It makes me happy to see more people become more aware of what changes need to occur to make things more accessible.


Parks and Recreation I’m rewatching this series, through Netflix. I liked it during its first run. Now, as I rewatch it, I more appreciate the really good writing in it. But some of the side characters have become more irritating (mostly Tom, Chris, and Andy).

Aziz Ansari: Right Now Purely coincidental that while I’m rewatching parks and Recreation, Ansari’s new comedy special is released. It was an uncomfortable watch; I kept thinking it was “too soon” to see him back. But then I started questioning that, because I realized that I don’t know the full story. Nor does it directly affect me. And I think that’s part of the message in this show. I want to stop judging and punishing, and want to start taking more steps back to learn and understand.


Uncover, Season 4 Dubbed as “the Crazy Cat Lady Case”, this is another “true crime cold case” podcast series that caught my interest. I found it interesting to follow from episode to episode. But the narration, the tone and the creepiness of the tone, bothered me by the end.

Solomon’s on K

Solomon’s Delicatessen, K and 8th

Today, I found myself with a meeting-free morning and an excuse to be downtown around breakfast so, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to try out the recently opened Solomon’s Delicatessen. They have been working on this one for a while so it’s very nice to have a location much closer to me. Though, their Davis location (my standby since we moved here) isn’t all that far away.

I immediately feel in love with the entrance. As you can see, there is some great artwork around it. So many colors, you can’t help feeling happy as you walk in.

Inside has a nice vibe. I originally thought that I would pull out the laptop and knock out some work while there but, that didn’t quite work out. One because my laptop battery was completely drained and I couldn’t find any outlets that were “customer accessible”. And two, it was kind of noisy and “echo-y” in there. I work a lot better in small, quiet places.

The food is good, and I didn’t expect anything otherwise. I ordered The Russ, which is my go to. Bagel and lox, with onion, capers, and tomato, is one of my top 3 favorite things to have for breakfast. Solomon’s smokes their own lox, and you can tell. Their coffee is good too; it reminds me of a classic diner’s coffee. Nothing fancy but it’s comforting and familiar.

New camera, who dis?

Fujifilm X-T30 with 35mm f/2.8

This week, I finally purchased a smaller “companion” camera to carry in my everyday bag. I also wanted something on the smaller side for those weekend excursions where I want a camera but I don’t want a bigger kit with me. Just something nice and easy.

Because I use the Fujifilm X system, and already have my preferred selection of lenses, I was torn between the X-E3 and the X-T30. While I did try the E3, and found it to be very capable, it just didn’t feel right.

The T-30 did, which I attribute to being the SLR style (versus the rangefinder style). While I like the rangefinder style in specific scenarios, I much prefer SLR style shooting all around.

It already has a space carved out in my bag. Now I just need to work on getting out more often to take more pictures. Looking forward to it.