“Five things” is a now a newsletter!

My weekly post, “Five things for the week”, is turning into a weekly email newsletter. Each week I’ll choose five thoughts and/or updates on topics and events to share. My hope is that this format of sharing will be less scattered than my Twitter rants. And I much prefer the email newsletter format over postingContinue reading ““Five things” is a now a newsletter!”

Five things for the week

Self-Care Sundays I’m increasingly creating a routine that ends up with Sunday’s focus on my own rest, healing, health, and overall mental state in preparation for the coming week. This comes in the form of things like Personal grooming Spending the mornings reading and writing Eating without guilt, yet still healthy and in moderation PlayingContinue reading “Five things for the week”

Recently Read, Watched, and Listened

Read How to Break Up With Your Phone, by Catherine Price – I liked this read. The first part of the book gives you the facts and the “why”. The second part of the book talks through the “how” using a 30-day plan. While I haven’t (yet) participated in this plan, I can see howContinue reading “Recently Read, Watched, and Listened”

Two murals in Matsui Alley

During yesterday’s visit to Federalist Public House, I captured two murals located nearby. All three locations (the murals and the restaurant) are within the same block in Matsui Alley. I really like both of them. I love how dreamy this one looks, especially with the color combination the artist chose. It looks like Michelle BladeContinue reading “Two murals in Matsui Alley”

Federalist Public House

Me: I’m craving a wood-fired pizza. Wife: Same. Federalist Public House has been on my list almost since the first day we arrived in Sacramento. I first saw their gorgeous wood-fired pizzas on their Instagram feed. Frankly, it’s a little mind-boggling that it has taken this long for us to try them. We found ourselvesContinue reading “Federalist Public House”