You are not your job

Vala’s tweet (above) is a good list, similar to the list of priorities I am focused on in my life wright now. A lot of my recent meditation has been on item 3, “you are not your job”. Of course, work is something we all spend so much time and effort on throughout the course of our lifetimes. Simply because it dominates so much of what we do, it’s easy to use it as an identifier.

No matter whether you enjoy or work or not, it doesn’t define you. Job titles, salaries, org charts… it’s all there because we, as humans, naturrally categorize things to assign an order. Your title is not who you are. Your salary is not how much you are worth. Both are what that company/organization determine it to be, for them. Not for you.

Your job is what you do to earn money. It’s not who you are.

I love having conversations with people where work never enters the picture. Lately, I refrain from even asking people what they do or where they work. It’s an unnecessary part of getting to know people.

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