Wandering Tuesday

Egg and chorizo burrito
egg & chorizo burrito

I started the morning wanting a breakfast burrito so, I went and got one. I had been hearing that there was a Mexican restaurant, located at a gas station, that had really good breakfast burritos. I wasn’t disappointed with my very tasty, very filling egg and chorizo burrito from Rafa’s Mexican Food. Their red sauce was a good compliment with it too, adding just the right amount of heat (spicy) and flavor.

I then drifted downtown to see what was going on. I knew there was a local camera shop that I wanted to check out and thought “why not now?” Mike’s Camera looked like most camera stores I have been to. I was impressed with the service which was low-pressure sales and with staff that cared about photography. I checked out the new Fujifilm XT-30, which I’m considering as an “everyday carry” camera. I was worried the size might be too small for me (I usually prefer much bigger cameras) but was pleasantly surprised.

From there I cruised over to R Street to check out three of the Wide Open Walls murals. Here are the three that I visited:

the way in which it treats its children
by HERA of Herakult
“Low Tide”
“Low Tide” by David de la Mano
by Lora Zombie

Though I haven’t yet seen all of them, I have seen a lot and am in love with this project. It’s one of the best things about this city. Check out their Instagram and, if you are ever in Sacramento, here’s a guide to where they all are.

It was a nice way to spend the morning before getting back to my desk to hammer out some work. I need to remember to do things like this when I have open blocks of time in my days.

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