Recently read, watched, and listened


Giving Myself to My Garden and Keeping Enough for Me Christine Lee‘s excellent column about care, self care, care for others, and taking care of, well.. care.

The Curse of the Twitter Reply Guy I have to admit, there are time where I fall into at least one of these categories. I do appreciate being more aware, though.

Fujifilm X-T1 User Manual I spent some time with this and the camera, to re-acquaint and customize some of the settings. Shame on me for letting this camera sit on the shelf as long as I have. I also started making sure that it’s always within arm’s reach of where I am.


One Strange Rock I played these episodes during lunch breaks this week. Earth science fascinates me. I used to get excited about biology too (there was a brief while when I wanted to become a marine biologist). I enjoyed the astronauts’ perspectives, and love how the series illustrated how everything is so connected.


Noisli For the most part, I had iTunes on shuffle this week. There were quite a few times, each day, when I had to cut the music and use Noisli to focus in on getting some tasks done. I used it to pump out a few technical documents, muddle through a very busy email inbox, and do some user acceptance testing on some new development. It’s a good tool; I like it a lot.

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