I’m just… tired

she goes where the sun goes

I’m just… tired.

I hit a mental wall around 3:30 this afternoon. Thankfully, that was about the same time that my last conference call had ended.

This week, the workdays have started around 5 AM with conference calls. That’s the perk of working for an international organization, on a project with stakeholders in practically every single time zone. I always keep in mind that these calls could be even earlier.

The effect the early morning calls have is that I still need to get my work done throughout the day, in my own time zone. So, I usually end up working some pretty long hours. Sure, I take breaks…

I should take more of them but, the work!

So, here we are at the end of the workweek and all I really want to do is what my cat (pictured above) does while I work… I just want to curl up and sleep!

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