Recently read, watched, and listened


My disabled son’s amazing gaming life in the World of Warcraft The more I read about things related to enabling and empowering all (inclusivity) in all things gaming and technology, the more I lean towards this as the next “space” I want to work in. This is a fantastic story.

Kashmir Hill’s attempt to block the “Big Five” tech giants from her life I constantly tried to imagine what I would have to do in order to cut these companies out of my life. It’s amazing how (unintentionally) dependent I have become on some of them. If I take anything away from her series, it’s her lesson to be more mindful/intentional with the technology and companies you let into your life.


Generation Wealth this is an eye-opening documentary around lifestyles that I could never understand. It puts a lot of things into perspective. It also, for me, helps fine tune my existing goals for life. Worth your time.


The Coathangers they’re my go-to listen this week. I used their songs to work to, to relax, and just randomly have in the background. They’re a really good band.

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